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Real Friends!

Real Friends who have the same interests!

Everyone has social media friends, but how many Real Friends do you have?... Yeah, us too. So we created a network of Real Friends. "Amiggos", as we call ourselves (the international word for friends). We are diverse, so we enjoy a multitude of lifestyles and going out and living life to the fullest. Whether you want to find your kind of "normal", or are looking for something new to go and experience, simply update your preferences and Amiggos will show you who is near you that shares that interest, and places you can go and create memories!



Your favorite Venues wherever you go!

Traveling? New to a city? In unfamiliar territory and just need to find a good spot to eat, chill, or go out? Download Amiggos and let us provide insight to where you can find YOUR LIFESTYLE, anywhere you go. Find a restaurant, pre-order your meal, and invite others to join you! Your "Guest List" is provided with "Touch-less" check-in when they arrive at the venue, and can order before they arrive as well! Find any type of venue within our 6 Main Categories!


Creating memories just got better!

With Amiggos you can share pics, videos, and chat with your Real Friends, and with all Amiggos(unless you get blocked of course, in which case you may not be acting like a very good Amiggo (sadface))! Now, ONLY on Amiggos, with our unique Our Memories feature, you can add multiple people to your memories, and create "Our Memories" with a group of Real Friends, and other Amiggos who are in the same venue as you! Invite anyone on Amiggos to join your memory within 30 ft from you!

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"We are proud to host Minority Owned Businesses..."

Amiggos Supports Minority Owned Businesses and Diversity & Inclusion Best Practices

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